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The Center for Applied Inclusive Teaching and Learning in the Arts and Humanities (CAITLAH) is a College of Arts and Letters (CAL) initiative at MSU committed to advancing effective and transformative teaching practices. We do this through our research on languages, texts, and cultures within and across boundaries of difference. We do this in our collaborations with teachers and faculty, developing new insights into curricular design, pedagogy, and creative assessments aimed at engaging all learners.


American Indian Youth Summer 2015 Film Workshop: July 6-10


Find applications for the summer film workshop here. Students will receive training and hands-on experience with lighting, sound, storyboarding, shot design, and special effects production. See videos and photos from our previous film workshops here.

Spring 2015 CCTE 2.0


Our latest workshop on cross-cultural pedagogy education. Professors from China and the U.S. joined to promote the understanding of different cultures and worked on pedagogy in language and literacy education. Read more about the workshop here.


CAITLAH’s director Dr. Cushman, is coeditor of Research in the Teaching of English (RTE). Read the article about their work recently featured on The Department of Writing Rhetoric and American Cultures' website.


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